I design for the process, the people.

Pixel Animation

Pixel Emoticon Art & Animation

Animated in Adobe Photoshop- I blend pixel by pixel to create these fun bouncing emoticons!


I made this icon for two friends- incorporating their usernames and emotion characters.


Past, Present, Future Phones

This was for a Past, Present, Future emoticon contest on the web, which won 2nd place! I animated an emoticon traveling interacting with phones from the past, present, and future. This was a big piece for me to practice facial expressions and bouncing movements

Past Present Future Phone Contest Entry.gif

Time Travel

A static emoticon piece that portrayed an emoticon going back in time (Cave-men era) and to the future (World ending). Did not do animation here because I wanted to see if I could tell the story without any movement


Facial Expressions

I made this piece to practice my pixel drawing. I wanted to practice illustrating facial expressions- even on areas as small as these.