I design for the process, the people.



I’m a four year at Northeastern University studying Marketing and Interactive Media. I spent the first half of my life in America, and the rest living as an expatriate in Shanghai until I came to Boston for college.

I am a curious creator, and an aspiring leader. I’m constantly thinking about how creative problem solving can impact the world. My goal as a UX designer is not only to create intuitive, engaging experiences but also collaborate and learn from the people around me and the people I design for. My strengths lie in being empathetic, communicative, and driven. I appreciate strong organizational cultures and great mentorship. Showing appreciation for teams and the people around me is something I strongly believe creates success in any project, and am looking for digital product design opportunities that will constantly push me to be a better thinker, leader, and designer!

Contact Me!

Email: jisteph0128@gmail.com